I got involved in the Denver fashion scene by chance.  When I moved to Denver, I joined Denver Open Media, a public access television station.  One of the other members needed assistance in producing a fashion show, and I offered to help with technical directing, camera work and editing.  I quickly found the subject fascinating because it involves beauty, creativity, craftsmanship, and personal stories.  I quickly became co-producer, and over the last two years we have produced over thirty ‘Daisy Blue Fashion Variety Shows’ with many more in progress.  The show is generally about fashion designers and they share their stories on how they got into fashion, their design approach, their experiences with the explosive growth of the fashion industry in Denver, and we see examples of their work in the studio and on the runway.

I also produce ‘Silent Beauty’, a series of interviews for models and others behind the scenes at fashion shows.  Models make the clothes come alive when they walk the runway, yet they never get to speak.  This series is about what motivates them to present themselves in public, how they learned their craft, and what they do to support their passion.

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