Point Reyes to Garapata (Big Sur)

The second stretch of California coast, Big Sur, is famous for mountains that drop off into the sea.  Out of the entire stretch from Carmel to San Simeon, I found one particular cove at Garapata to have infinite possibilities with rock pillars off shore, kelp beds, and granite cliffs pounded into pebble beaches.  I wondered where the waves came from.  All the way across the Pacific or down from the Aleutians?

It is hard to find access along this stretch with many areas fenced off and posted as private.  And there is lots of poison oak.  One day while winding carefully through waist high poison oak I heard an unmistakable rattle.  I froze, but couldn’t see the snake below.  I waited until there was no sound and then moved forward slowly and without further incident except a very bad rash.

I camped in my truck, the Rolling Hilton, and a favorite spot was Pfieffer State Park where I could get a shower and a gourmet meal if I hurried back after sunset and before the kitchen closed.  Day trips to Carmel to visit the photo galleries and enjoy a fine cup of coffee.

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